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IBM云计算负责人 正计划招募1000名云计算专家

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本文摘要:Less than one day after proclaiming a $7 billion annual revenue milestone for cloud services, IBM’s newly formed Cloud division disclosed two fresh contracts.就在IBM宣告云服务年收入超过70亿美元的里程碑式业绩之后将近一天,其新的重新组建的云部门又发布了两份新签的合约。


Less than one day after proclaiming a $7 billion annual revenue milestone for cloud services, IBM’s newly formed Cloud division disclosed two fresh contracts.就在IBM宣告云服务年收入超过70亿美元的里程碑式业绩之后将近一天,其新的重新组建的云部门又发布了两份新签的合约。One, a $500 million services agreement with healthcare benefits company Anthem, adds to the string of existing services customers switching to IBM cloud data centers or software as a service applications. It’s a theme the company has sounded often over the past year.其中一份是与医保福利公司Anthem签定的5亿美元服务协议,这也是现有云服务用户改向IBM云数据中心或“软件即服务”应用于的近期一例。

在过去一年中,这样的情况仍然在IBM持续首演。The other establishes IBM IBM 0.31% as the cloud host for a new service from Clarient Global, backed by a consortium of financial services companies including Barclays, BNY Mellon, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and State Street. (Clarient is related to The Depository Trust Clearing Corp.) This agreement is potentially more intriguing, because it represents a net new account for IBM’s cloud business rather than the renegotiation of an existing outsourcing relationship.另一份合约则是,IBM将为Clarient Global的一种新的业务获取云主机,还包括巴克莱银行、纽约梅隆银行、瑞士信贷、高盛、摩根大通、道富银行等一大批金融巨头都在使用Clarient Global的服务。这项协议有可能更加引人关注,因为它意味著IBM云业务冲到了一位新的客户,而非只是与现有客户新的协商合作关系。Under the pact, IBM will host a centralized, secure hub for client reference data and documents on its SoftLayer technology. Here’s the rationale fromClarient CEO Matthew Stauffer: “IBM’s cloud platform, coupled with its deep security expertise, plays a vital role in enabling this new service to help increase efficiency and control over client data while reducing risk and costs.”依据协议,IBM将通过其SoftLayer技术,为客户机数据文档获取安全性中枢。

Clarient首席执行官马修o斯托弗称之为,之所以自由选择IBM的理由是:“IBM云平台再加其专业的深度安全性防水技术,对这项新的服务来说至关重要,从而能在减少风险和成本同时,协助提高效率,更佳地管理客户数据。”Last year, IBM pulled in $7 billion in revenue last year related to cloud services—a level it was hoping to hit by the end of 2015.去年,IBM在云服务领域取得了70亿美元收益,这一业绩原本是公司计划在2015年底达成协议的目标。In recent weeks, the company restructured to accelerate that momentum, naming veteran IBM Software manager Robert LeBlanc as the senior vice president. “We took all the pieces that were sitting in various places throughout IBM, some of them in services, some of them in software, and pulled them together,” LeBlanc said in a brief interview Wednesday. “It gives us the opportunity to innovate at speed.”为了减缓这一发展势头,公司在近几周展开了改组,任命经验丰富的IBM软件部门经理罗伯特o勒布朗作为高级副总裁。

勒布朗在与《财富》的一次结尾专访中回应:“我们在IBM的各个部门找寻所有的云业务碎片,有些在服务部门,有些在软件部门,然后把它们统合一起。这给了我们很快创意的机会。”He isn’t committing—publicly at least—to a new goal. His team also has a lot of hiring to do before it can rev up: there are at least 1,000 open positions in a unit that as a whole employs “thousands” of people.他未公开发表自己的新业绩目标。




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