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胚胎技术重大突破 未来也可人工制造?

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本文摘要:Artificial human life could soon be grown from scratch in the lab, after scientists successfully created a mammal embryo using only stem cells.在科学家顺利利用干细胞培育出哺乳动物胚胎后,人工生产的人类胚胎迅速也将需要被培育出来。


Artificial human life could soon be grown from scratch in the lab, after scientists successfully created a mammal embryo using only stem cells.在科学家顺利利用干细胞培育出哺乳动物胚胎后,人工生产的人类胚胎迅速也将需要被培育出来。Cambridge University mixed two kinds of mouse stem cells and placed them on a 3D scaffold. After four days of growth in a tank of chemicals designed to mimic conditions inside the womb, the cells formed the structure of a living mouse embryo.剑桥大学研究人员将两种小鼠干细胞混合并摆放在一个三维支架上,在仿效子宫内条件的有化学物质的容器内长了四天,细胞构成了存活的小鼠胚胎结构。


The breakthrough has been described as a ‘masterpiece’ in bioengineering, which could eventually allow scientists to grow artificial human embryos in the lab without the need for a sperm or an egg.这一突破被称作生物工程中的“杰作”,科学家们最后将可以在不必须精子或卵子的前提下,在实验室里培育出人工胚胎。Growing embryos would help researchers to study the very early stages of human life so they could understand why so many pregnancies fail, but is likely to prove controversial and raise ethical questions about what constitutes human life.培育人工胚胎将有助研究人员研究人类活动最先的阶段,去探寻很多人分娩告终的原因,但此举有可能引起争议,并明确提出什么包含了人类生命的伦理问题。Currently scientists can carry out experiments on leftover embryos from IVF treatments, but they are in short supply and must be destroyed after 14 days. Scientists say that being able to create unlimited numbers of artificial embryos in the lab could speed up research while potentially removing some of the ethical boundaries.目前科学家能用于试管受精卵中的剩下胚胎之后实验,但供不应求,并在14天后就必需被毁坏。科学家们说道,在实验室中建构无限数量的人工胚胎可减缓研究,但与此同时有可能横跨了一些伦理界限。

“We think that it will be possible to mimic a lot of the developmental events occurring before 14 days using human stem cells, said Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz from the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience at Cambridge, who led the research.“我们指出,可以用于人类干细胞来仿效14天内的发展变化。”研究带头人、剑桥大学生理发展和神经科学系由的Magdalena Zernicka Goetz教授说道。We are very optimistic that this will allow us to study key events of this critical stage of human development without actually having to work on (IVF) embryos. Knowing how development normally occurs will allow us to understand why it so often goes wrong.“这个研究将使我们不必须研究(人工授精)胚胎,就能研究人类发展最重要阶段的关键事件。告诉如何长时间发育才不会让我们明白,它常常错误的原因所在。


我们回应很悲观。”Britain is currently leading the world in fertility research, and last year a group at the Francis Crick Institute was granted permission to genetically modify human embryos, the first time in the world such a procedure had been approved by regulators.英国目前的生育研究世界领先。

2016年,弗兰西斯克里克学院一个研究小组被批准后展开基因改建的人类胚胎交配实验,这是世界上首次取得监管机构批准后的实验。However such work raises important ethical questions about the sanctity of human life and whether it should be manipulated or created in the lab at all.然而这样的研究引起了关于人类生命的精神和人类生命否应当被操控或在实验室里建构的最重要伦理问题。Critics warn that allowing embryos to be grown for science opens the door to designer babies and genetically modified humans.抨击人士警告说道,容许胚胎生长用作科学研究关上了订做婴儿和人类基因改建的大门。



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