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本文摘要:Marketers will lose $6bn next year to fraudsters who are using networks of robots to exploit the online advertising industry, according to the largest study to date of digital ad crime.一项对数字广告犯罪行为目前为止最大规模的研究指出,明年,用于机器人“观赏”广告的欺诈不道德,不会给广告商带给


Marketers will lose $6bn next year to fraudsters who are using networks of robots to exploit the online advertising industry, according to the largest study to date of digital ad crime.一项对数字广告犯罪行为目前为止最大规模的研究指出,明年,用于机器人“观赏”广告的欺诈不道德,不会给广告商带给60亿美元损失。The Association of National Advertisers, whose members spend more than $250bn on marketing each year, conducted the study with White Ops, an ad fraud detection company.这项研究由美国全国广告商协会(Association of National Advertisers,全称ANA)与广告欺诈侦探所White Ops联合积极开展。

ANA旗下成员每年用作市场营销的支出多达2500亿美元。The US association found that a quarter of online video ads were “viewed” by bots — automated computer programmes that are remotely operated by fraudsters — rather than human beings.这家美国行会找到,四分之一的在线视频广告是由机器人而不是真人“观赏”的。这里的机器人是指那种由欺诈者远程操控的自动化电脑程序。

The study, which analysed 5.5bn ad impressions, found that one in 10 display ads were viewed by bots rather than real people.这项研究分析了55亿次广告投放,找到每10个表明广告中就有一个是由机器人而不是真人观赏的。Ford, Pfizer and Nestlé were among the brands that took part in the investigation, which provides the clearest sign yet that fraud is rife in the fast-growing online advertising market.参予此次调查的还包括福特(Ford)、辉瑞(Pfizer)和雀巢(Nestlé)等品牌。这次调查得出结论目前为止最具体的结果,即在快速增长的在线广告市场中,欺诈现象十分广泛。To take advantage of marketers, fraudsters create software that mimics the cursor movements and mouse clicks of humans, giving the impression that a person is visiting a website.为了愚弄广告商,欺诈者设计了能仿效人类操纵下移动光标和页面鼠标的软件,从而留给有人在采访该网站的印象。

After installing the software on their own servers or on a hijacked computer, the fraudsters are able to direct the bots to visit certain websites. This allows them to profit from selling ads on their own sites or by driving fake traffic to a site of an affiliate.在将软件加装在自己的服务器或被胁持的电脑上之后,欺诈者就能操控这些机器人采访特定网站。这让他们可以通过在自己网站上销售广告,或将欺诈流量导向关联公司网站利润。“A bot can look like a sports fan, someone with a six-figure income, someone interested in buying a car, or a grandparent looking for holiday gifts for grandchildren,” the report said.报告称之为:“机器人的不道德可以展现出得像体育爱好者、收益6位数的人、想要买车的人、或为孙子孙女找寻假日礼品的祖父母。

”White Ops and the ANA worked with 36 of the association’s member organisations to analyse digital advertising campaign traffic between August 1 and September 30.在报告中,White Ops和ANA与该协会36家成员机构合作,分析了今年8月1日到9月30日之间的线上广告活动的流量。The researchers inserted special software into the ad units of the advertisers and then applied proprietary analysis techniques, alongside data from third parties, to identify bots. Marketers rarely conduct such a detailed level of forensic analysis of their online advertising campaigns.研究人员在广告商的广告单元中植入类似软件,再行用于独家分析技术,并综合第三方数据来辨识机器人。

相比之下,广告商很少采行如此细化的方式,如此详细地分析其在线广告活动的数据。The ANA estimated that advertisers will lose approximately $6.3bn globally to bots in 2015, after applying the bot levels observed across its study to the estimated $40bn spent globally on display ads and the estimated $8.3bn spent globally on video ads.在把研究中仔细观察到的机器人比例推展到全球的表明广告和视频广告之后,ANA估算,2015年全球广告商因机器人而遭遇的损失大约为63亿美元。目前,全球用作表明广告的支出估算为400亿美元,用作视频广告的支出估算为83亿美元。



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